A “false” family trip in Northern Thailand


by journey.cheting
Ban Viang Coffee in Chiang Mai city
Khlong Mae Kha, during festival “Loy Krathong”

During the post covid, it was the first time I feel enjoyable to wander around the quiet Chiang Mai. I was looking forward to the breakfast everyday while hosted by Mr. P in his family run traditional Lanna wooden house. “Kanom Tang Thai”, a steamed Thai melon cake, is my new discovery!

Every time when I re-visit Thailand, it seems like my family trip to back Chiang Rai and meet my Thai old friend. They used to be very busy with work, but this time we went for a road trip together spontaneously!!! Just hop on their car with luck, I got a chance to re-visit my favourite Doi Din Daeng Pottery and some new places, like Pha Hee Village, Doi Tung and camping in Doi Chang that I didn’t visit before.

The 2nd stop of family trip is Chaing Dao. I became a friend of Ashi Guesthouse and help with the visual map and wall mural before. This time, I enjoyed the hot spring nearby with owner’s mom and feel her happiness and energy how the life in Chiang Dao influenced her so much.

Conclusion: Northern Thailand is much suitable for me to be a digital nomad



但對於我的清邁Host Mr. P來說﹕「現在的清邁很好,好像回到兒時那般安靜。」對我來說,清邁這大城市只是泰北的中轉站,但可能是Mr. P的能量,吸引了我入住他用心裝飾的泰北傳統木屋,滿載著家人們生活的痕跡,整潔又別緻。

Mr. P 還把從前經營餐廳的巧手應用在民宿的早餐上,為了讓旅客嘗到不同的泰國菜式,款式天天不同,我每天都在期待吃早餐的驚喜:)在Mr. P家嚐到用泰國木瓜做的甜點Kanom Tang Thai,雖然其貌不揚,但清甜可口!

我認識了住在清萊(Chiang Rai)附近的泰國朋友多年,每次到訪泰國都像一趟探親之旅,更何況是闊別三年的再會。這次到訪,他們剛好有空,臨時決定和我一起Road Trip遊!!!有車接送,如有神助,讓我有幸再訪至愛的Doi Din Daeng Pottery,今次少有地買了些戰利品回家,到了由種鴉片轉型種咖啡的阿卡族Pha Hee Village、還有在Doi Chang 兩日一夜的「偽」Camping ,在無光害下烤肉打邊爐(Mu kratha)⋯⋯

探親之旅的第二站——清道(Chiang Dao),我由Ashi Guesthouse的客人變成了她們的朋友,幫忙畫手繪地圖壁畫等。這次與房東媽媽一起浸溫泉、在有走地雞的餐廳吃Fancy Pad Thai。見證著這位傳統泰國婦女變成豁達的時尚美女:「我不介意穿Bikini,因為我老了,我才不介意。」相信這都是Chiang Dao的魔法!


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