Baba’s Album


by journey.cheting
Baba's album

Adapted from the author’s real story, picture book “Baba’s Album” is about how do father and daughter observe the places by picture taking along the way during the journey. While turning over the photo album, it evoked their past travel memories just the two of them. Look at every picture and reminisce every journey from the album, daughter just realised she has discovered something new about her father.




【暖心推薦】香港繪本作家 貓珊 Maoshan Connie
繪本內文附:中/粵/英 三語譯本

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“Baba’s Album”
Trilingual in written Chinese, spoken Cantonese and English
Published by Gezi Workstation
ISBN: 978-988-75726-0-2
19 X 17cm|48 pages|hardback|June 2024

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